We Provide Reliable & Secured Precious Metal Services


We are a results driven, precious metal service providers.

Gold R US was established to provide high quality precious metal and have been one of the market leaders in processing scrap, precious and high-value metals. We buy and sell your precious metals at responsible market prices and ensure transactions can be completed safely and securely.

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Gold Bullion / Coins / Bars

Gold R Us provides its customers with a variety of gold bullions including the Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins, Ounce Bars, Scotia Ounce Bars, Valcambi Suisse Bars, and Jonson Mathey's kilo Bars, all guaranteed by the Government of Canada for weight and purity.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is the official bullion gold coin of Canada. Gold R Us provides you with one of the purest gold bullions in the world with a gold content of 999.9 being 24 carat gold. These bullions contain no base metals at all, only gold from mines in Canada. Scotia Bank Gold Bars are available in 1 ounce, 99.99% purity. Valcambi Suisse Gold Bar - 1 Troy Ounce Fine Gold 999.9 sealed in security sealed PETG bag.

GoldRus buys your gold at a unbeatable price.

Silver Bullion / Coins / Bars

Gold R Us offers world renowned silver bullion coins and silver bars, such as the Pan American Silver bullion, American Silver Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and a full range of additional silver bullion investment options dollars.

Silver bullion is an excellent investment vehicle in today's turbulent economic climate. When you buy silver bars and coins from a reputable dealer like Gold R Us, you get quality silver bullion at great prices.

GoldRus buys your silver at a unbeatable price.


We buy & sell

Gold R US is the premier buyer of precious metals in Canada offering reliable and secure buying processes and the highest possible price. We will give you the best price for any items containing precious metals of any type.

Get top dollar from Gold R Us for just about anything that contains precious metals. Why hold on to it if you don’t want it? You could have cash sitting in your jewellery box.


Gold Price USD $

Silver Price USD $

Platinum Price USD $

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We do refining

Gold R Us specializes in precious metal refining covering a wide array of material including metallic pieces, filings, grindings, bench sweeps, polishing dust, floor sweeps, and sink sludges. We have perfected the process to provide you with the quickest, most accurate and flexible turn-around in the market.

Many companies might be able to refine your precious metal, but Gold R Us is the only company that is able to provide you with the most flexible settlement options IMMEDIATELY and right in front of your eyes. Our strongest principle is that we want you to be comfortable with your final result, therefore we provide you with a complete witness program from start to finish. If you like you may witness all or part of the process from inspection, melt, assay and finally your settlement.


Karat Gold


Bench cuttings & scrap, filings, grindings.


Castings gates & sprues, scrap jewellery, bars.

Silver Scarp


Bench cuttings & scrap, filings, grindings, castings gates & sprues, scrap jewellery, bars, cutlery

Sweeps - Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium


Floor sweeps, filters, polishing dust, sink sludge. We accept only bunt and ash material. We provide assay in one business day and complete settlement in 5 business days. The material assay fee will be charged as $ 50 (plus HST) per lot.



Grinding, fillings, casting gates, sprues, fillings, bridges, caps - Please contact an account representative for specific information

Other Material


Please contact Gold R Us for information on any other material that you may require as we offer a vast array of different refining options

Platinum & Palladium Scrap


castings gates & sprues, scrap jewellery, bars, filings, grindings, bench cuttings & scrap (This material will be melted down and treated as a metals lot - $60(plus HST)). The assay fee will apply to each precious metal separately


What do melting

  • Bring in your material that needs to be refined or ship it to us with any insured shipping company
  • The material will be inspected to determine the most appropriate course of action which includes two options: Melt the material while you witness it or have one of our experts acid test your karat scrap
  • Perform an assay on your material which includes: x-ray analysis, atomic absorption, or fire assay
  • Settle your material by returning precious metal product or pay you for your material either Wire, Cheque, or cash

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